This page has been established to better inform you of how our initial processes work. You may complete our Quote Request form to request your customized pricing. Once you have decided to move forward, Rich Enterprises, Inc. will:

  • Develop an implementation timeline for your cold calling campaign. Programs generally begin one to two weeks after agreement to move forward.
  • New client questionnaire. Most clients begin by completing our new client questionnaire.pdf. This questionnaire gives us detailed information about your services / products, key selling points, target market, your sales goals, etc. Our questionnaire Infographic - Creating Cold Calling Plansallows us to determine the best approach for your account. Our bottom line is to make your program a success and our questionnaire is the first step in that process.
  • Develop telemarketing scripting, program outline, and training materials. Once you have completed the new client questionnaire and provided your current marketing collateral, our staff will formulate the approach. We ask that the client review the scripting package to determine if the proposed approach will fit your needs.
  • Establish database for your contacts and leads. You can certainly provide the list to us or we will gladly use our sources to provide the contact list.
  • Select and import contact list data. We will set aside time with you to determine our first calling list. Contact list can be based upon geographical factors (city, county, metro, state or zip code), SIC codes (type of business), and number of employees.
  • Select an account representative from our network best suited for your account. Please review our Quick Profiles for more information about team and their qualifications.

Rich Enterprises will certainly accommodate your needs and can develop custom cold calling campaigns. Contact us today to establish your starting date.