B2B Telemarketing Services, Outsourced Inside Sales, and Qualified Appointment Setting

A strong sales team makes determines whether your business has the needed revenue to thrive, survive, or sustain company growth. Rich Enterprises, Inc. B2B telemarketing services are vital to growing companies - just like yours. Our inside sales programs will take your business to the next level.

Rich Enterprises specializes in Business to Business (B2B) Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services. Here is a quick summary of our B2B telemarketing services:

  • We act as your inside sales team, so that your outside sales team can utilize their time wisely in closing and negotiating rather than cold calling and researching.

  • Rich Enterprises works in conjunction with your outside sales staff. We complete the legwork in governmental and business sales. TOGETHER, we can increase your revenues and the overall success of your company.

  • Our lead generation services will bring sales opportunities and qualified appointments to you.

Do you need our services?

  • Could your business benefit from 200 to 1000 prospecting and cold calls EACH week?
  • Would you like to better penetrate your market and find new customers?
  • Could you benefit from obtaining prosperous contracts?
  • Does your sales team have time to research prospects, make cold calls, and find new business? Are they effective?

Evaluate your outside sales team.

Our Newsletters

Rich Enterprises, Inc. newsletters contain free sales articles related to cold calling and telemarketing techniques, managing sales teams, outsourcing your B2B telemarketing campaigns, tips for overcoming objections, and suggestions for telemarketing and cold call scripting. Feel free to review recent newsletter articles.

Beginners Guide

New to B2B telemarketing and B2B outsourcing? Many of our clients are new to outsourcing their inside sales and B2B telemarketing functions. Rich Enterprises, Inc. Beginners Guide will provide you with a strong understanding of B2B campaigns and related terminology.

Our outsourcing services include cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting.

Please feel free to browse our site, view our site map, visit our download center, and learn more about what we do - and more importantly - what we can do for your business.

A strong sales team makes the difference in whether your business has the needed revenue to survive or sustain company growth.


Seeing a small company like yours operating at such a high level of professionalism has been an unexpected and extremely rewarding surprise.


Rich Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1999 on the premise that businesses must not only maintain, but must always seek new revenues and opportunities in order to succeed.

Our business is growing your business through cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting services.


Outsourcing our lead generation to Rich Enterprises has been the single largest gain we've ever made in our sales productivity. It allows us to focus our in-house resources on closing qualified leads, which has a direct impact on our bottom line.